segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2014

Summer Blues...

Perfect Blue Summer Dress, y clothing boutique | #shopyandi

TwoNewYork  Really loving BLUE this spring & summer: on clothes and home wares. Bring it on, I've got the blues.

Jewelry for a Cause Cobalt Blue In Gratitude Necklace with Tassel

Striking blue, summer maxi and brown, felt fedora. Lovely!

Tibi silk pleated dress

I love sandals so much in the summer time hope they don't give me a weird tan line(:

summer lovin #pintowin #jumpforjune

Turquoise Jewelery at Drais

Lovely work by Ana Antunes

These espadrilles would look amazing with our Cobalt In Gratitude Necklace! #pintowin #jumpforjune


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