quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2015


Paris Photography - Paris Je t'aime - Paris in the Springtime - Pink Cherry Blossoms Eiffel Tower - Paris Home Decor - Blush Pink on Etsy, $30.00


Arc de Triomphe-Paris | Oscar told me that when i get there, to not make the same mistake he did by trying to cross the streets. Way too much traffic. Plus there is a tunnel that goes under the traffic ;)

Paris, France

La Douzaine - Paris

bread truck - "the simplest things are always the most beautiful." via @laure joliet

There is nothing better than a baguette and a bike! We've got a seat saved for you! http://www.austinlehman.com/tours/loire-valley-france-family-tour-trips-68.php


100% ART

Sleep in Sumptuous Style

Let´s go to Paris?


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