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21 classic elements every wardrobe must have
A classic wardrobe is never without:
  1. A little black dress - We think the more the merrier.
  2. A little white dress
  3. A classic tweed Chanel-style jacket
  4. A well tailored blazer (navy/black/beige/off-white)
  5. A beige trench coat/camel's hair coat
  6. Classic pumps (black/neutral/grey/red) 
  7. Classic ballet flats (black/beige/red/pink)
  8. A pair of well fitted denim jeans
  9. A pair of white jeans
  10. A pair of tailored black pants
  11. A pair of cigarette pants
  12. A gingham shirt
  13. A white dress shirt
  14. A striped shirt 
  15. A cashmere sweater, pull-over
  16. A cashmere sweater, cardigan
  17. A pair of tortoise shell sunglasses
  18. A leopard print anything (bag/coat/shoes)
  19. A nice silk scarf (to be worn many ways)
  20. Classic patterns (stripes/houndstooth/check/tartan) 
  21. Pearls! 
While classic colors are grey, black, navy, white and beige, these are often punctuated by bright pops of red, yellow, pink, green and blues. 

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