sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2014

4 fall essencial pieces...

J.Crew women's covered-button crepe top and toothpick jean. To preorder call 800 261 7422 or email

White shirt

Girls We Know: Saada Ahmed, cofounder of the monthly gathering Everyday People Brunch and start-up creative agency Sokoni Worldwide. Saada wears the J.Crew women's collection cashmere boyfriend sweater.

Cashemere sweater

Girls We Know: Daphne Javitch, former costume designer turned founder of lingerie line TEN Undies. Daphne wears the J.Crew women's Eastwood jean in dark otis.
Boyfriend jeans

Girls We Know: Lucy Chadwick, Gallery Director at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. Lucy wears the J.Crew women's stadium-cloth hooded zip coat.

Grey coat J. Crew

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