quinta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2014

DIY: reciclar caixas de sapatos- recycle shoeboxes

Gift wrap a shoebox and insert toilet paper rolls for a handy desk tidy.

Upcycled Shoe Boxes                                              I use any box, and sometimes just cover the top. Or top and bottom, it is a great idea.  I have then been able to leave out storage boxes, because they look so good, I made some to match my room.   Its a great idea!  Thanks to whoever posted this first!

Top 10 DIY Re-purposed Shoebox Projects

Make a shoebox basket tote.

Shoe box to organizer.

A recycled shoebox can be customized with a grommet and ribbon to hold mail and small papers.

How to recycle shoeboxes into decorative storage containers.

Fabric Covered Boxes - thrifty! No more buying fancy boxes  (This actually has the instructions)

DIY: Fabric covered boxes theaestate.com

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